Supporting Administrators In Navigating Complex Student Issues: Communicating Effectively (1)

This professional development opportunity is one of three training modules designed to support school administrators in their understanding of special education law, implementing strategies for communicating effectively with families, and creating systems to share information with families of students with disabilities.
The purpose of these training modules is to share information and resources with administrators to assist them in developing and enhancing relationships with families. With the knowledge gained from the training modules, administrators will be well posed to support families and school staff in addressing student issues in positive, proactive ways.

Opens on February 23rd, 2018 at 12:50 PM

About This Course

The purpose of this module, Communicating Effectively, is to convey the importance of communication as two-way exchanges regarding student learning.  It is through effective written and verbal communication strategies that families and school staff are able to collaboratively partner to support student academic and social achievement.
The objectives of this module are:
* Discuss the importance of communication which is essential to build rapport and relationships
* Explain that communication should result in shared information between home and school
* Identify ways to foster relationships and build common knowledge through verbal communication
* Discuss strategies to ensure written communication is clear, concise, and appropriate to the needs of family members


  • Certificate of Completion: Module 2 - Supporting Administrators in Navigating Complex Student Issues: Communicating Effectively

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