Optimized Inclusive Practices in Pennsylvania Module 2: Effective Leadership

Module 2 is the second in a series of eight professional development modules designed to provide an overview of the big ideas, concepts and competencies described in the Optimized Inclusive Practices (OIP) in Pennsylvania Framework. The modules are designed to support district and school leaders, classroom educators, related service providers and others in the implementation of optimized inclusive practices for students with low incidence and significant cognitive disabilities in Pennsylvania. The OIP Framework outlines big ideas, concepts an competencies in eight focused areas. Module 2 provides an overview of Big Idea A: Effective leadership. This module focuses on concepts and competencies needed by district and school leaders to ensure that inclusive educational practices are embedded across policies and procedures, structures, and professional development for stakeholders. In this module, you will learn about the importance of effective leadership in developing an inclusive vision, continuous improvement, responsive procedures, responsive delivery systems, and sustained and coordinated professional development. Act 48 credits may be available through your LEA. Participants are encouraged to discuss options for Act 48 credits with their district or IU BEFORE completing the OIP Framework Professional Development Modules. LEAs may require submission of specific documentation (certificate of course completion and documentation of completion of course activities) in order to receive credit.

Opens on December 18th, 2014 at 12:11 PM

Optimized Inclusive Practices in Pennsylvania Module 2: Effective Leadership

About This Course

The following materials are provided for use throughout this module: : 1. The OIP Framework Document 2. A graphic organizer to use for reflections In each section you will find materials in two formats: 1. A narrated PowerPoint 2. An accessible pdf version of the PowerPoint The Process you will follow: For each area in the OIP Framework, you will be asked to review the concepts and competencies for each big idea, reflect briefly on your program's current status related to each concept and consider how the OIP Framework could be used to support inclusive practices in your program Instructions: Each section will include materials that can be downloaded and/or printed. The PowerPoints are provided in both a narrated and pdf version. To hear narrations, please click on each slide to advance to the next slide. The narration will begin automatically. The pdf version of the PowerPoint is NOT narrated. All of the text used in the narration is included in the notes section of each slide. Please print download and/or print a copy of the OIP Framework to use as a reference throughout the module.


  • Certificate of Completion of Optimized Inclusive Practices Module 2

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